Imagine: rolling green slopes, vast fields and meadows alternating with characteristic villages, flowing streams in which trout swim, impressive steep edges and magnificent views. Nowhere else in the Netherlands will you find a more varied landscape elements. Moreover, each region has its own special characteristics that will surprise you again and again, within a radius of 30 kilometres. Every season anew. Cycling, walking and taking a break in between; it's all possible in the pleasant - and unique - Limburg Heuvelland region.

In this five-star landscape, nostalgic villages and authentic towns are hidden between green meadows and colourful standard orchards. The Geul and Gulp, which formed the landscape centuries ago, now babble quietly on. Enjoy the beautiful panoramas, watch the Geul valley where lambs graze, and relax on one of the many terraces. Would you rather explore the area on foot or by bike? The extensive network of cycling and hiking routes offers a perfect option.