The beautiful city of Maastricht is a wonderful place to visit during your holiday.

Maastricht is a large city in the south of Limburg and also the capital of the province of Limburg. During a stay in one of our holiday homes near Maastricht you can visit both the old city center with its many sights and explore the beautiful nature reserves around Maastricht.

Maastricht is situated along the river Maas. Today the city has more than a hundred thousand inhabitants. Maastricht is known as a center for art and culture. From our holiday home you can visit numerous museums, but of course you can also enjoy a day of shopping.

There are too many places of interest in Maastricht to list them all. We would especially recommend that you stroll around the center, where the past and present alternate quickly. Below you will find a number of tips for places of interest in Maastricht.


Some sights in Maastricht:

Fort Sint Pieter: Fort Sint Pieter is located on the Sint Pietersberg and is still largely intact. From here you have a beautiful view over Maastricht, the Maas and the surrounding landscape.
Caves: In a labyrinth of once more than 20,000 passageways, a professional guide takes you underground where the names and drawings emerge of people who worked here day in and day out several hundred years ago.
Casemates: on the west side of Maastricht you will find a network of corridors and mining galleries. Go back in time, face the dark and let your imagination run wild with the stories Maastricht Underground has to tell you.
Market with town hall: a cozy market with the imposing town hall and a rich history.
These are mainly tips to discover the rich history and culture of Maastricht. But during a holiday in Maastricht you can also enjoy shopping and taste gastronomic Maastricht. Be surprised by the many restaurants, bars and cafes.